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GTO Pedders Street 1 Bushing Package


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2004-2006 GTO - Replaces the Radius Arm Bushings, Rear Cradle Bushings, and the Rear Diff Insert on your GTO. This basic kit will give you a good start with your suspension, and help the tire wear and handling.

Manufacturer: Pedders Packages
Part Number: PED-GTO-ST1-PKG
Position: Front & Rear
Est Labor: 4.0

Contains Multiple Parts

Available to Order
Pontiac GTO 2004-2006

  • The #1 GTO Suspension Failure is OEM Radius Arm Bushings
  • Caster Adjustable using Included Shims
  • Forward Washer Cupped for Better Performance
  • Comes with Forward Center Nyloc Nuts
  • Hardened Crush Tubes
  • Helps Correct Inner Edge Tire Wear & Cupping Issues

  • Connects the Rear of the Radius Arm to the Lower Control Arm
  • 2 Piece Bushings for Easy Installation
  • Rear Nut Wrench Size is 30mm

  • Direct OE Fitment
  • Hardened Crush Tubes
  • Double Helix Internals
  • High Durability
  • New Design 2/2018 for Improved Performance
  • Replace Bolts with our 48482-HK Hardened Bolts

  • Replace OEM 8.8 Bolts with these Improved 10.9 Bolts
  • Integrated Washer Allows for Better Torquability
  • Install with Blue Loctitie
  • Re-Useable vs OEM Single Use Bolts

  • PolyUrethane Insert - Pushes in to the OEM Rubber Mount
  • Helps make the rear suspension more effective
  • Decreases the movement of the Rear Cradle
  • Use in conjunction with EP1145 Subframe Bushings for Best Results
  • Replace the Hardware with the 48390-HK Bolt Kit
  • Some additional Driveline Noise may be heard

  • Includes 4 x10.9 Hardened Bolts
  • Replace with Differential Mount Bushing
  • Can also be Used for the Engine Skid Plate
  • Upgraded from Black Oxide to Yellow Zinc

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It all starts here with improved straight line tracking, return to center brake pedal feel from castor adjustable urethane radius bushes. urethane cross member bushes reduce rear wheel tramp and allow your IRS to function as designed. Stabilize your OE differential with urethane insert. These bits deliver the stability and predictability you expect from a GTO and should have been installed by the factory. They deliver more bang for the buck than any other parts you can add to your GTO. They improve all aspects of vehicle control vehicle control with virtually no loss in ride quality. What are you waiting for