Rear Lower Arms

GTO 5803 Adjustable Rear Lower Arm Bushings - Rubber



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Features & Benefits

  • Camber Correction

  • High Durability

  • Direct OE Fitment

Manufacturer: Pedders
Part Number: 5803
Position: Rear
Est Labor: 4.0 (All 4)
Skill Level: A (Hard)
Availability Information:
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- Texas: 0 on 9/12
- Nevada: 0 on 9/12
- Pedders: 10 on 9/12
Pontiac GTO 2004-2006



Pedders 5803 IRS Commodore Camber Kit is designed to be fitted to the OUTER pivot on each rear arm, to give a permanent positive camber change.

Rear control arm outer pivot bush. Corrects camber issues.

Bushes are Non-Adjustable once fitted.

1 kit per vehicle.

Pedders rubber bushes are manufactured from high quality, durable rubber and are specifically designed to offer high levels of suspension noise, vibration and harshnes (NVH) supression while still providing good longevity.