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Rear Trailing Arms

Camaro/G8 EP7323 Rear Link/Knuckle Bushings



Only 10 left

Per Set
Toe: 2 Per Car
Camaro/G8 GXP 1 Per Car
G8 GT 2 Per Car

Camaro/G8 EP7323 Rear Link Bushings
2 PC Poly Bushings
2 x 12mm and 2 x 14mm ID Ferrules for Various Fitments
Fits: FE3 Toe Links (2 Pkg Per Car)
Fits: Trailing Arm to Knuckle (1 Pkg Per Car)
Fits: Lower Control Arm to Knuckle (G8 GT Only - 1 Pkg Per Car)

Manufacturer: Pedders
Part Number: EP7323
Position: Rear
Est Labor: 0.8
Skill Level: B (Average)

10 Available as of 6/7/2022

While Supplies Last
In Stock: 10 on 5/18/2022
Pontiac G8 2008-2009,
Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2015,
Chevrolet SS 2014-2016



Rear Arm Bushings

Each Package Contains 2 Bushings.

Trailing Arm to Body x 1 Package
Trailing Arm to Knuckle x 1 Package
Toe Arm x 2 Packages
Lower Arm to Knuckle x 1 Package (G8 GT Only)

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